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Hope I don’t screw this up! Hahahaha!


Eric Conveys an Emotion was one of my favorite websites in the early 2000s. Then at some point, I forgot about it. That would be reasonable seeing as its creator, Eric Wu, hasn’t updated the website in over a decade.

I rediscovered the genius of Emotion Eric in 2011 when I first met Eric in real life and subsequently flipped my shit that he was 玲珑加速器模式 Eric. Over the next eight years of our friendship, I regularly bothered him about updating his website because I’m annoying and Eric was too nice to tell me to shut up. He never gave in, but he did agree to let me interview him about his Emotion Eric days to celebrate his website’s 21st anniversary.



Welcome to my new(ish) blog! It’s got the same name and design as my old one, but this one’s got way less content! Just what you wanted!!!